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Red UAV Ltd uses our expertise and Aerial Platforms to provide our clients with detailed and high resolution imagery to determine if a structure is safe to operate without the need of costly crews and equipment. The client can use this footage to discuss the way forward and establish budgets and timescales.


Surveying on this scale has a proven track record with all Red UAV's clients. Deployment is fast, safe and the end results are outstanding


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Similar to Building Survey, we can take high resolution imagery to inspect access panels, structure data capture devices and the overall condition of Wind Turbines and Solar farms. The payload we carry depends in the task, typically we use either an 8MP or 16MP camera but in some circumstances we use Thermal Imaging technology to establish if bearings are over heating or solar panels are at their optimum efficiency.


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3D CGI Architectural Visualisation

3D CGI Visualisation allows our clients to see what a future development will look like, impack on the surrounding area and also aid in planning applications. This solution is based around the core aerial image which is taken and enhanced to include new infrastructure, buildings and facilities.


We have partnered with some of the best known companies within the UK to offer this solution


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Media and Promotional

Red UAV Ltd prides itself in taking some great media shots so that clients maximise their business exposure. Many brochures and promotional videos only show low level imagery, by using the UAV as a camera platform we ensure that every aspect is covered. You as the client can also give direction to the Pilot and camera operator to get the exact imagery you want.


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