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Are we licensed?

Our pilots are highly experienced and have completed CAA certified theory and flight assessments to comply with UK commercial regulations.  We operate strict flight procedures in accordance with Red UAV Ltd operations manuals which ensure we operate with the highest regard to safety and peace of mind. We hold the Civil Aviation Authority  Permission for Aerial Work (PFAW) #1196. This provides permission to operate our multi-rotor aircraft for commercial work.


What about privacy?

Red UAV Ltd understand the concerns around public privacy whilst operating drones and UAVs and have developed a privacy policy build around UK CCTV code of conduct.  We will work with you to address your specific concerns and put in place measures to mitigate any privacy risks that may be inherent with our mission. Our workflow for missions will include consultation with your customers if they may be affected by or live within the areas where we will operate. Feel free to ask us more about this.


Why can't I just buy a UAV and fly and film for my business?

To undertake any commercial aerial work using a UAV, it is a legal requirement in the UK and Europe to obtain a license from the relevant legal body. In the UK, this is the Civil Aviation Authority. We fly under their RPQ-S license. If you are interested in investing in UAV's in your business, Red UAV Ltd can provide a consultation service to assist you.

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